Knowledge Management and Information Sciences

18 . 3 . 2019

Session 1:
13:00 - 14:30
H.-C. Hobohm (FH Potsdam) The DIKW (data, information, knowledge, wisdom) Pyramid and Some Consequences on Information Behavior and Knowledge Management
P. Heisig
(FH Potsdam)
Information Sciences for Knowledge Management: What Knowledge Managers can Learn from Information Sciences Research
A. Michel
(FH Potsdam)
21 Century Skills for Knowledge Manager
Session 2:
14:50 - 16:20
R. Däßler
(FH Potsdam)
Data, Information and Knowledge: Aspects of Long-Term Digital Preservation and Reuse
G. Neher
(FH Potsdam)
Learning Lessons – Informationswissenschaftliche Methoden zur semi-automatischen Auswertung von Post-Project-Reviews