Brilliant Failures: Sometimes You Earn, Sometimes You Learn.

In this session, discussion will take place on the importance of accepting failure as a welcome, inevitable and valuable aspect of life in general and innovation in particular. A better understanding of risks, supporting those who try, whether they succeed or fail, is key for achieving progress. This is the mission of the Institute of Brilliant Failures: to achieve a double fear reduction. People should feel free to come forward with new ideas and to experiment, while on the other hand one should not be afraid to talk about and learn from failures. The keynote introduces a methodology to identify and learn from failures and uses some examples of Brilliant Failures. The aim is to convince the audience that learning from failure is an integral part of a healthy knowledge management strategy.

Paul Iske is professor at the School of Business and Economics, University Maastricht, Netherlands, focusing on Open Innovation and Business Venturing. Special topic: Combinatoric Innovation (Innovation by Combination). As of September 2015, Paul is Chief Dialogues Officer at PNA Group, a company that has developed a world standard for knowledge modelling, supporting organisations to enter the era of ‘Intelligent Business’.
From 1997-2015, Paul had various functions at ABN AMRO Bank. His last position was Chief Dialogues Officer and Director of the Dialogues Incubator at ABN AMRO Bank. In these roles he was responsible for open, radical, social and sustainable innovation. Furthermore, he was initiator and director of the Dialogues House, ABN AMRO’s center for outside-in and future-proof thinking.
Paul is founder and CFO (Chief Failure Officer) of the Institute of Brilliant Failures , an approach to get acceptance for failing as an inevitable part of our complex lives and in particular in the innovation process.
On a free-lance basis, Paul acts as an independent consultant on Knowledge-conscious Management and supports organizations in the development and implementation of programs focusing on leveraging knowledge as a strategic production factor. Furthermore, he acts as a board-room consultant on issues related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. He is a frequent speaker on international conferences and workshops focusing on Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is teaching on topics related to New Business Developments at universities in various countries, including the Netherlands (Rotterdam), South Africa (Stellenbosch), South Korea (Seoul), Norway (Bergen) and Oman.
Since 2014, Paul is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Heart Foundation and member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics. Paul is also member of the International team of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab , a global community consisting of thought leaders from the fields of behavior design, innovation, persuasive and social technologies and finance, with the aim to increase positive peace via real world interventions as well as urban-scale innovations.